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Chief Growth Officer
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Business Development Intern
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📊  Expanding S'18, Audtra's social impact has sparked 2.1K+ resumes from Tier 1-2 schools (~25/day) in 2Y of limited window openings, 9% invited interviewees (127 for S'20, 53 for S'19), 1-4% extended offer letters/agreements (S'20: 9, S'19: 13 + 0/27 B-schoolers). With Penn, Brown, Columbia, Cornell, UChi, Fulbright, ex-Google, and ex-Apple among the Audtra Circle, we're just missing you.


Prospects outside of feeder schools may indicate interest below: 
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👯  Sit front-row with the Audtrians Circle on Audtra/team Youtube playlist.

*Includes Finance Intern interviews per zero time to category audit further.

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